Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Perils of Being a Browncoat

I don't even know how many
Browncoats notice
How hard it is to be a Browncoat
Because well, c'mon
We are only Browncoats
In the cosplay sense
Aren't we?
Because The Independents,
The Outer Planets
Aren't really a thing
Difficulty #1: 
Being so passionately 
Invested in something
That is not a Thing
OK-- Most Browncoats
Know that one.
So maybe you, like so many
Fans & Fellowships,
Idealize the Thing
That is Not a Thing--
Many Browncoats'
Love of The Black
Is rooted in their familiarity 
With the Final Frontier
We are Boffins
Bouncing about in Boxes
That are
Bigger on the Inside
We get that.
So we turn
Follow the Prime Directive
And Aim
To Misbehave.
I wonder how many
Browncoats have noticed
That Browncoats
Were Libertarians
Or Jeffersonian
In the very least
Vying for autonomy
From the large central
Nationalized Nothing
"You Can't Take 
The Sky From Me"
Difficulty #2:
Reconciling Values
Here we are in our
A mass of 
How many of us
Would fight against
How many of us
Would brave the 
Hardships of Liberty
For Liberty's sake?
How many of us
Would vote with our
And move away
From laws we didn't 
How many Browncoats
Would put a gun
In that holster
And fight
The glittering ships
Of the Inner Planets
With their medicine
And education
And pretty temples?
Would you even want to?
Would you be willing to let
The zealots burn their witches
So you could homestead?
Would you let the fires rage next door
In hopes the witches 
Came knocking and asked
For Amnesty?
The Alliance is a 
Beacon of Democracy
Maybe just tattle on the zealots
And let the Purplebellies handle it
Difficulty #3: Being on the
Losing Side
Oh, sure
We play like it is "so cool"
To be the weathered
Against the grain
For the rest of our days
Aren't we cool?
Dressing up as
Rebel soldiers
Veterans of a pretend war
That we would never actually fight
Because we are not willing
To take risks
And be free.
How many Browncoats
Are Browncoats
How many
Of us
Would fight
To keep the sky
And nothing else
Nothing. Else.
But the Sky

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