Friday, May 2, 2014

Remembering The Battle of Hogwart's

If I could...

I'd put it in a penseive
Not another thought I'd give
To fictional cost
They're not really lost
Except to the boy who lived



It turned out, as we privately predicted,
That Professor Snape
Was a great hero
A man carrying a quiet burden
And the secret tenderness
He possessed was poignant
And endearing
Yes. Yes.
But damn it. 
He was so very mean
To Neville Longbottom
My Neville. 
My Neville because he was exactly
The sort of wizard-- witch, whatever--
I would be
Actually, he was the sort
I hoped I would be
Because I doubt I would 
Ever be as clever as
Or as creative as 
And of course I'm not the Chosen One
... maybe I could be Ron...
No... too timid to be Ron
At best...
At best I am Neville.
Totally afraid.
But wow...
To be that afraid
To feel like you
Can't do anything right
To cower under
Snape's piercing gaze
To swallow all of that
And lead
A fucking revolution
How bad ass is that?
That is my boy right there
That is who I want to be
To feel I suck at every turn
To fear Failure and
Death and
Pain and
Still be
To fight
Be sure
I will die
Because I am not 
Good at anything 
But to put up my fists
Raise my wand
Wield my sword
To fear
I can't do it
But know
That it is too important
Not to try
Show me the tear
That reveals
Snape knew his cruelty
Would make Neville
And I will forgive him

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