Wednesday, May 21, 2014


She sent a picture of herself
With a gagball in her mouth
Straps underlining her cheekbones
Color too glossy
On her lips
Full and fully posed
The pretense
Fully false
Like tricking the new maid to walk into some one's house
Or crashing a party
Or funeral
My hostility was immediate
And I would have blown it all off
Ignored the gag with the gagball
But for the insidious mode of
Invading my space.
I will take the low road
To put things right.
I have never regretted the karma on that.
I ride its wave
Like I'm surfing.
The provocative picture
Began to alter
It was not so much a gagball 
As a large pink pom pom
It filled her mouth in much the same way
She looked tired
Like she had been holding a smile too long
And now her expression was giving way
Lipstick dull
Just a little drool
And a lot of hope
That the ploy works
Not yet realizing that no,
It hasn't.
Now the gag is funny.

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