Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Girly (April Ninth, the second)

I still call mixed drinks "girly" drinks.
And Sweetened coffees with 
Whipped Creme on top
And let's be real
They totally are
In the sense that 
Pretty, sweet things
Are considered "girly"
And I've called people
Only to insult them
Because they're 
Stupid enough 
To think 
Pussies are bad
But I catch myself
Rethink it
Girly drinks... 
I stand by it but 
Only because
It is a compliment
Girly things
We think they are so
Pretty and sweet
And safe
But consume
Too many "girly" drinks
And you're on the floor
Begging the Goddess
For Mercy
Girly makes Pain
Girly takes time
To look amazing
Before facing
Every predatory "ism"
on every street corner
Girly is a pussy
That withstands
A fist
A wrist
An arm
Can take it
Can you?

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