Thursday, April 10, 2014

April Tenth

It is a bit annoying that
My tenderness
Was described as
You claim 
It seemed
I was judging you
I wouldn't
Just believe
That you were ok
An alcoholic
Standing in a bar
Holding a beer
(It's just a beer)
You want me 
To drink with you
Assure me
It is safe
To even
Get drunk with you
And you say it's fine
And not a big deal
You bring it up
Ask questions
Then act like
I am the one
Who won't let it go
But gee
I could totally drink with you
Why won't I drink with you?
You just want to show me how
Okay you are
And how it is not
A big deal
Why am I going on about it
When you ask me 
Remind me
That it is totally fine
Then you want to know 
If I am mad
And when I 
Apologize for seeming mad
You run with it
And make that the new thing
Try to elicit guilt
You thought 
I was judging you
You say
But you didn't really think that
You were just hoping
I'd change my mind
Maybe if I feel guilty...
I am 
Judging you

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