Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April Ninth

For a long time
I didn't know my mother's name
I recall Grandma telling
A story
Of my Uncle Pat
Announcing the birth
Of my mother
"Come see Maria!"
It still didn't register
I figured Pat had been
Speaking Portuguese
Then one day I see
My mother's birth certificate
Maria de Lourdes
As in The Virgin Mary's
Incarnation at Lourdes, France
My aunt is
Gloria de Fatima
Her Glory in
Fatima, Portugal
Holy names
Goddess names
But I didn't know
Maria de Lourdes
Went by "Mary Lou"
And I felt a little cheated
Like "Mom" had been hiding
Like the Blessed Mother of God
Had been hiding
Mary, Marie, Maria
Of Lourdes
"Mary Lou"
It is the name
Of Bernadette's best friend
Maybe that's better
Feels better
Like praying to a saint
Instead of to God
Saint Bernadette
Is Mary Lou's
Best Friend
She will
Put in a good word
For you

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