Monday, April 28, 2014

April Twenty-eighth

How do you do it?
How do you carry your heart around?
Do you keep it on a trailer bed
Between shows?
You are so small--
So slight of frame
So delicate
A darling boy
With bed head
And little shoulders
And the voice
Of Mother
Of Sister
Of Pleading Lover
Are you weary?
You seem weary
But you're moving all the time
Are you falling?
Are you falling back onto the crowds
Like a rock star into the pit?
Are those hands trustworthy?
Do you fall?
Or just surrender?
How do you surrender?
How do you let go
And not fall away?
Your heart is so full
It gushes into mine
How do you
Carry this?
I can not carry this
I have been ignoring you
Because you
Speak to me
But I don't have a trailer bed
Of my own
I either hold this up
Or fall away

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