Saturday, April 12, 2014

April Twelfth

In dreams
We'll seem awake
But there will be that
Absurd thing
Like floating
Lighting matches with your mind
That, upon waking, we
Wonder how we
Did not realize
We were asleep
How did you not
You were asleep
Who would brush off
The exhumation of an
Angel skeleton
Like it was just
A thing
Who accepts you
As Queer
Because you said so
Who would shrug that off
To watch National Geographic
And hope the flesh of the wings
Stays intact
Since when do people
Recognize Enochian
And smile
Since when have you ever
Actually felt your heart leap
And stay there
Up high
Not from happiness
But from knowing
Even though you
Feel terrible
You know
When has that
Ever happened
The heart up high
From knowing
It's like
Lighting matches with your mind

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