Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lost Omni

Does anybody remember that show Voyagers! ...?
Or Quantum Leap?
Both shows portrayed Time
As finite
A modern rendering
Of the Fates' tapestry
Only sometimes
A thread would
Be out of line
Pulled loose
Or broken
And the voyagers--
Phineas Bogg &
Jeffrey Jones--
Would need to 
Weave it back into place
Or Dr. Sam Beckett
Would repair the tapestry
And leap to the next
They put things back
To the Way They Should Be
And I feel like
That there is supposed to be
A Jeffrey Jones
Or Sam Beckett
Or somebody with
A mysteriously impressive
Pocket watch
(or screwdriver)
Fixing things
Somebody with nimble fingers
And a handlink 
Leaping to those spots
Where our leaders failed
Or died
To those places
Where everybody is heartsick
Battle worn
I am sure
That some of these knots
Are not supposed to be here
Maybe Phineas
Stopped listening to Jeffrey
Because he fell in love
Hard enough 
To let the threads tangle
And break
Maybe Sam really
Did leap home 
Maybe he needed Al
In order to see the 
Maybe we need
Our time travelers
To be heartsick
Never resolving their pasts
Never correcting mistakes
Maybe we need them
Tangled & broken
With threads pulled loose
Maybe the Fates
Do what they can
Gnarled fingers poking through
Taut, twisted yarn
Maybe dreaming
Of time travelers 
Has ruined us.
We are Time travelers already
Going one way
Going forward
Forgetting the picture
Woven behind us
And no Ziggy
(or doctor)
To put us right.

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