Monday, December 1, 2014

Meanwhile, people

So the final creep
Of Tyranny
Has unlocked 
The prison door
In Egypt
A dozen
Or so
Have been raped
And have been 
Saying so
For awhile
But it takes
A man telling jokes
For people to
A man
Just admitted
He was raped
And people
Noticed right away
If only to roll their eyes
Blame him
Shame him
And likely 
Not believe it
Still shoot
Their ex-girlfriends
And people
Still punch each other
In the face
For TVs & purses
And people
Are saying the things
"America" said
When sheriffs
Also wore sheets
And people use 
The word "Freedom"
When they mean
I will still have to 
Walk the long way
When somebody 
Blocks the path
It will be my fault-
Long pants & three layers-
For being out
And people still
Don't understand
How stupid it is
How dangerous it is
To insist the oppressed
Keep oppressing themselves
Because it is safer to
Just comply
It is unfair but
You'll be safe
Until somebody
Decides to 
Block the path
If my favorite
Sports team was playing
I'd set a car on fire

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