Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Love Letter to the Goblin King (from 2010... or sooner)

Love Letter to the Goblin King

You are everywhere to me
In every myth. In every dream, be it false or true
Along the labyrinthine underground
All pathways lead to you.
I used to cry for mercy
And plead I had no choice
As rose your chariot from the Abyss
And I heard your threatening voice
"Sweet child in the meadow. Come with me just awhile.
Ignore the changing landscape
That arrives with your exile."
Enveloped in the darkest tomb,
Inside the blackest cave,
You implored I need only fear you
And you would be my slave.
Bend to your will at every turn
"I promise. I'll behave."
I did come to you and I did despair
Eventually succumbing to my hunger.
Yet even now I would yield
As I did when I was younger.
Oh, Goblin King, Devil, Darkness, Hades
Worry not. I will not forsake Thee.
But understand, my Tyrant Love,
You have no power over me.

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