Monday, August 11, 2014

Gravity Works

I was one wailing cry away from a breakdown today
I was in tears & choking & fretting
And threatening to just leave
Just leave
Fuck work
Fuck you
I'm leaving
And I knew it was unseemly
But the dam was broken
The tears were falling
Is like that
I wanted to
"Take a break"
Leave the room
I couldn't speak for myself
I was too busy
Hiding my face
My throat kept closing
For when the wail
To come
It would have been better
To have that moment
In a discreet corner
Rather than the shop window
Oh, well
I managed to get on with it
So many steps
I can't take alone
So I go nowhere
I was nowhere
Before the swell
Comparing Mork
With Spock
My daughter needs
To see Dead Poet's Society
I was nowhere
When my throat closed up
And the tears rolled
And nobody else said
"Let's go, just for a minute."
I was nowhere
Wearing that cracked face
A wail poised for release
A rambling monologue
Filling my head
When somebody
Asked me if
I liked comedy
Because that is the perfect lead-in
To a comic's death
The thespian's mask
Turned upside down
Funny, yes?
Your fragile heart
Which resides inside a weak, mundane shell
Will love this one
A sensitive, tender genius
Is dead
Suicide maybe
How do you like them apples?
I nearly cussed the guy out
For BSing me on a day
Like today
I don't know how
I made it home
I was falling
The whole way

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