Monday, March 17, 2014


I think maybe sirens don't sing--
At least not with voice & lyre
But with tumultuous grace 
They sing to us as crashing waves
As undulating tides
A song of sight & sound
Of salt on lips
Stinging mist in the eyes
Goddess tears
They sing to us songs
Of cutting currents
Delicate rippling notes
Upon the base torrent
They fall
To raise their voices
They hide their chorus
Until we are miles away
They madden us with singular
melodies upon melodies
Upon melodies
Tinkling, sparkling
Trailing, fading, swelling
But never finishing
Or ending
Never ending
Too continuous
To be Knowable
What it would mean
To know them
They promise 
We can know them
If we would just
Get close enough

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